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Hello all! Just to let you know this website is for all things yoga related.

Here you'll find information on all my yoga classes, workshops, private yoga sessions, as well some info on yoga therapy. 

All the information about my hypnotherapy and psychotherapy offerings (as well as more detailed information on my yoga therapy offerings) are held on my therapies website.

There you can book a free initial consultation.


Yoga Facilitator, Therapist, Trauma-Informed

My yoga classes orientate around connection and a love of movement and breathwork

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 In East Bristol! Easton Community Centre, Bristol BS5



Every Tuesday 18.00-19.00PM at Easton Community Centre

£11.50 (concessions available) drop-in or class passes available

An embodied vinyasa flow class in Easton, Bristol BS5.

Expect playful, fluid, strengthening flows, some nourishing breathwork and exploration of different themes and movements.

Although I guide the whole practice, there is space for intuitive movement and I encourage you make your practice really work for you, to empower you to find your flow.

Open to all levels open to a challenge, but not suitable for complete beginners.

Please bring your own mat (although mats are available on request if you don't have one)

Hope to see you there! 



Therapeutic yoga ~  a combination of psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and mindful yoga

A qualified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I offer private 1-1 and group sessions using these stand-alone therapies and also in combination with yoga.

These sessions are completely bespoke to meet your needs; sessions are offered in a way that's engaging, gentle, safe, trauma-sensitive and empowering for you. 

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Flow Yoga Classes ~ Therapeutic Offerings ~ Workshops ~ Private Sessions ~ Yoga & Aromatherapy Massage Mini Retreats ~ Trauma-Informed Practitioner

My love for yoga really revolves around relationship - relationship with yourself and with others and the world around you.

Endlessly curious about the effects of yoga and breath work on the body and mind - as a yoga teacher, psychotherapist, and adventurer myself - I really enjoy deep-diving into the vast benefits of movement and yoga on our physiology and our minds.

A passion of mine is exploring how playful, accessible and mindful movement boosts our overall wellbeing and improves our mental health. We can learn so much when we allow ourselves space to connect with our bodies.

Facilitating bespoke classes to suit individual and group needs is a real love of mine. Through Bristol Yoga Roots Project, I offer trauma-informed outreach yoga classes to under-represented communities in Bristol. Check out the BYRP website for more info.

The reasons we come to yoga are as vast as they are varied! There is something for everyone in yoga, sometimes it's just about taking the first step! You may be looking to:

  • Reduce stress, allowing yourself some time and space to relax and nourish

  • Connect more deeply with yourself, your body and breath;

  • Cultivate greater well-being and ease in life

  • Develop breath awareness

  • Improve general fitness and flexibility, strengthen and tone;

  • Build greater mobility and joint strength;

  • Rehab an injury, manage chronic pain or improve performance in other sports.

Or, maybe you just want to move and 'de-crunch' yourself after a long day sitting at a desk!  

There is something for you here, loves.

Head on over to my About section for more details on my journey and teaching style. 

"Juicy, playful start to the day. Marianne guides breath control with a soft, powerful, smooth sequence. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Portia H.

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Yoga Mat and Straps


I offer group classes in-studio in Bristol, I also offer private yoga classes either in person or online. If being in studios is not for you, I have pre-recorded classes that you can access online, in your own time. Just drop me a message and I'll get those recordings over to you!

 Check out my 'Classes' page to find out what classes I hold and where, and 'Book Online'  to book a class.

If group classes are not for you, fear not, I also offer one-to-one private sessions for all abilities, levels of experience, body types and genders.

See my page on 'one-to-ones' for more info.

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