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Private yoga sessions allow you space to find a practice that works for you.

Free of the distraction of a group class setting, I will work with you to develop an empowering yoga and movement practice that suits your needs, in your own time and that meets you where you're at. ​ Sometimes you don't know what you need until you turn up so we can explore what arises on the day!

Private yoga sessions are for anyone with a curiosity for yoga! All are welcome.

Some of the following may resonate with you:

  • you are new to yoga and feel curious to try it out! 

  • for relaxation; to unwind, de-stressing body and mind with gentle movement and guided relaxation;

  • guidance or questions around posture alignment;

  • rehabilitation of an injury / injury prevention; 

  • improved management of chronic pain;

  • to improve performance in other sports;

  • guidance and encouragement in establishing a home practice;

  • revisiting your yoga practice following a long break;

  • to learn more about the breath and how we can use it to improve our physical and mental health;

  • you might have a long standing yoga, movement or meditation practice but want to deepen, refresh and develop it

One-to-ones could be just the thing for you.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about what a session typically involves, what it looks like and how it could best suit you.


One hour £40 in person / £35 online via Zoom

Ashtanga Yoga

Just had my first one-to-one session with Marianne and it was excellent! Tailored, relaxed and accessible, which was much appreciated as I've been out of practise for 10 years and have some issues with arthritis. Marianne is knowledgeable & able to be flexible (pun intended) to your individual needs.
I came away feeling really positive about the possibilities of practise again
I'd highly recommend - thanks Marianne!

Angela B.

I love Marianne's classes - they are accessible to everyone, with options for those who are beginners and more advanced. Her focus on breath work, and her approach throughout the practice is really calming, and I always leave feeling more connected with myself. I have been taught by a lot of different teachers and Marianne is my absolute number 1. If you are feeling a little bit nervous about practicing online, or you are feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed, this is the perfect place for you!

Kathryn M.

These classes are great! I've been going for the last month or so after getting really into online yoga at home. Love everything about them - the pace is great for beginners and improvers, there's something new every week and it's challenging so I feel like I'm learning and improving, but it's not too fast so you can properly get into all the postures. It's mindful and playful at the same time - Marianne is great, not too serious and really knows her ****. Can't recommend enough!

Kat C.

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