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Therapeutic yoga ~ a combination of psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and mindful yoga

A qualified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I offer private 1-1 and group sessions using these stand-alone therapies and also in combination with yoga. 

Are these sessions online or in-person?

Both options are available! My sessions are predominantly in-person in my private therapy space in Easton, Bristol or in some circumstances I can offer sessions online or come to your home.  

What is therapeutic yoga and how does it work?

There is something very unique and creative about the benefits of therapeutic yoga. I absolutely love offering these sessions.

A combination of the above works incredibly well for people looking for a therapeutic approach that combines both mind and body elements, a typical session could include a combination of the following components, catered to your unique needs:

  • Grounding, restorative, nurturing movement to help you to develop deeper awareness and resilience

  • Yoga nidra (guided, gentle relaxation) and/or a nourishing breathing practice that works just for you

  • Yoga and breathwork for managing chronic pain and/or injury (if applicable)

  • Psychotherapy ~ solution-focused talking therapy; cognitive behavioural therapy; mindfulness

  • Clinical hypnotherapy ~ solution-focused therapy and guided, deep relaxing hypnosis

These sessions are completely bespoke to meet your needs, and are offered in a way that's engaging, gentle, safe, trauma-sensitive and empowering for you.

The sessions are targeted first and foremost towards providing you with the therapy and support you need, focused around what you would like to achieve. The format of the sessions may vary each week depending on your particular preferences and energy levels on the day. It's flexible! 

Who is is this therapy suitable for?


In short - absolutely any body!

Perfect for people who would like to try a therapeutic, somatic approach that helps connect you to your body, helps to relieve any symptoms of anxiety or depression, low energy, pain or to rekindle and support confidence and self-esteem. 

Suitable for EVERYONE, regardless of whether you have tried yoga or therapy before!

It can help you to connect with your body, manage chronic pain, coping with fatigue, recovering from a physical injury, stress relief, long term management of anxiety or depression,  support antenatal and post natal mothers,  and more broadly for improving overall confidence and awareness of your body's needs/triggers.

If this piques your curiosity, then do get in touch! I'm always happy to answer any questions, please message me to book a free consultation or informal conversation on the phone.


Initial consultation (free of charge) ~ 30 mins

Subsequent in-person sessions are:

  • £75 per 90 minutes (in my private therapy space)

A bit about me

  • Trauma-informed facilitation

  • Qualified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

  • Qualified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher

  • Experience of working in complex mental health and trauma for the NHS (in psychiatric hospitals) and in the charity sector

  • Lived experience of severe anxiety in my younger years

  • Overall passionate mental health champion and yoga advocate!


Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & yoga therapy

This website is for all things yoga-related! 

Head over to my therapies website for all the information and booking details for my hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and yoga therapy services.

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